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10 Ways to Show Clients You’re Thankful

10 Ways to Show Clients You're Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time of year to reflect on all the things and people you are thankful for in your life. Since you’re a business owner, you’re probably very thankful for your clients. To show them how much you appreciate them, consider these ways to express your gratitude.

1. Send a handwritten note

It’s amazing how great clients feel when they receive a handwritten note. There’s something about being recognized that makes them feel warm inside. And in today’s digital age, getting anything handwritten is a treat!

2. Pick up the phone

Taking time out of your busy schedule to call all your clients is a great way to say thanks. The call will take just a few minutes, but the impression you leave will last years.

3. Send out a small gift

People don’t always expect something from places they’ve spent their money. You can surprise and impress them with a small, thoughtful gift. It could be a nice pen, a notepad, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, or anything else that you feel would delight your clients.

4. Offer a discount

Many clients love to get discounts for services and products they always buy because it makes them feel special and that you value their business. Include a special thank you note with the discount to let them know why they received it.

5. Give them a shout-out

People love to see their names in print. Consider giving your clients a shout-out on your social media sites, in an electronic newsletter you send out, or in your place of business on an announcement board.

6. Throw in a freebie

When customers place an order, throw in something for free. They will be surprised and thankful for it. You can tell them it’s a Thanksgiving freebie to show how much you appreciate their business.

7. Hold a loyal client event

If you sell products, open your store early or stay open later and invite some of your clients to a private event. Hire a caterer to make the event a little more special and enjoy getting to know the people who make your business prosper.

8. Feature them on social media

Almost everyone is on social media these days. Your clients are probably following you on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks you are participating in right now. Say thank you to your social media fans by posting that sentiment.

9. Make a commercial

If you advertise your services on TV, you can make a commercial that tells your customers how much you truly appreciate their business. If you don’t have the budget for a commercial, consider recording a “thank you” video and then post it on your website or blog.

10. Make referrals

Your clients might have a business as well. A great way to say thank you for their business is by sending them business. Make referrals as much as possible to show how grateful your are for their loyalty.

BONUS – Be creative – think of what your clients would love

As you can see, there are many ways to show your clients you appreciate them. Simply choose one of these ways or come up with your own. Think about your clients, what their interests are, and then choose something that will click with them. It could make all the difference to them and to you when you get to see their smiling faces come back to you for another order.

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