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5 Ways to Keep Employees Productive During Summer Months

The summer months are packed with vacation time for most of your employees, and as a result, you may be finding it challenging to keep those employees focused and productive in the weeks leading up to — and following — their time off. Here are a few simple ideas on ways you can maintain productivity to avoid the typical summer slump.

Encourage outdoor meetings

Being outdoors lowers stress, improves energy, and improves focus. Encourage your employees to try hosting a meeting in a shady area outside or having a walking brainstorming session. This will put a bit of fun back in their work day, not to mention that it can have a really positive impact on team dynamics.

Provide scheduling flexibility

If your employees are getting their work done and accomplishing projects in a timely manner as the summer continues on, consider giving them more flexibility by allowing a summer schedule. It can be as simple as letting your employees come in late one day a week or allowing your employees to leave early one day a week at their choosing. Whatever you decide, make sure it works for your business.

Host outdoor events

Summer is a great time of year for team building through organized outdoor activities. Whether it’s a Labor Day barbecue, company picnic, trip to a baseball game, or a golf outing, these events build company morale and camaraderie while providing great excuses to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

Set a good example

If you want productive employees, you have to lead by example. Come to work on time, show up to meetings, limit “extracurricular” activities (golf, lunch meetings, etc.) and stay engaged. If your employees see you are present during the dog days of summer, they are more likely to willingly follow suit.

Encourage a good work environment

Employees tend to perform better when they like their environment. The summer lull is a great time to refresh the office with some fresh paint, updated (or rearranged) furniture, plants, flowers, and pictures on the wall. Any changes you make can go a long way.

Implementing even some of the suggestions listed above can make a big impact on your office productivity this summer. No one said work can’t be fun; it’s just a matter of how you can adjust your work environment to best fit your employees’ needs. Have you had any success with increasing summer productivity in your office? Tell us your thoughts in the comments area below.

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