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When Loss Hits Close To Home: Andy’s Story

Since I began my insurance career in 1991, I have always focused on selling quality products that will protect my clients in the event of an unforeseeable loss. Truthfully, I have been lucky to have not really had too many claims in my life, though I’ve always protected my own assets with the same high-quality coverage I recommend. But my luck ran out a few months ago when I had my first major homeowners insurance claim.

One day while we were all out of the house for a few hours, our beautiful finished basement was flooded by a water heater that exploded at the seams. We arrived home to a noise so loud the house was almost shaking. Upon further inspection, we found multiple inches of water in our basement. Remediation was called and onsite within two hours, and our insurance adjuster was at the house the next day. I was treated very well throughout the process and although I would have preferred not to have gone through the whole ordeal at all, in the end the experience was better than expected and we were made whole on our basement.

When I meet with clients, I explain coverages to them such as “guaranteed replacement cost,” “additional living expenses,” or “agreed value on auto.” Often, people do not recognize the importance of these provisions unless they’ve had a significant claims experience. Those who have had such an occurrence are more apt to desire the most comprehensive coverage because they know just how much it can mean in terms of a final settlement.  Often, the final claim reimbursement can dwarf any annual premium differentials.

Surprisingly, the more comprehensive products do not always cost significantly more than the standard ones. For example, if you could buy a Rolls Royce for nearly the same price as a Kia, most people, I think, would opt for the Rolls. It’s my job to show my clients how to get the most bang for their buck, and that’s what I strive to do!

No one wants to spend more than they have to for a product. However, when it comes to insurance, sometimes a few extra dollars can mean a much better claim experience and a more favorable outcome when a loss occurs. If you want the best protection for your assets, you can’t treat your insurance portfolio as a commodity. It’s a key part of your overall investment to protect your hard-earned assets. I practice what I preach and, after having a large claim myself, I can say I’m thankful I do.

If you would like to review your existing policies to ensure comprehensive coverage, I am more than happy to review them with you. You can reach me at (973) 588-1818 or

All insurance policies are different. Be sure to review your insurance policy for specific information about coverages available to you. Nothing in this post is meant to suggest a guarantee of coverage.