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Top 5 Reasons You Need an Independent Insurance Agent

independent insurance agent

Every day we are bombarded by advertisements encouraging us to go online and, with just a few clicks, buy an insurance policy for less than we’d pay elsewhere. For many living in this digital world, it seems like an easy, inexpensive way to take care of something most people find to be a chore.

But are you really getting the protection you need? Do you understand all the provisions of the policy? When push comes to shove, are you going to be covered when you need to file a claim? Having an insurance advisor to assist and guide you can mean the difference between a policy that fits your lifestyle and a bare-bones cookie-cutter policy that is not right for you.

Not convinced? Here are our top reasons why you need an independent insurance agent.

1.  An independent insurance agent can provide options.

There are many insurance companies available to you and it’s hard to know which is best. Some companies employ agents who only sell that particular company’s products. These are known as captive agents. An independent insurance agent is one who can sell you policies from a variety of companies and isn’t obligated to any specific company. The independent agent shops the market for the right solution while the others only offer one size fits all.

2.  Agents provide valuable advice.

Digital-only organizations, especially those relying on Artificial Intelligence or the consumer to do all the work, can sometimes offer policies at a lower price than an independent agent staffed by licensed professionals. While that may sound enticing, you are likely getting a lower price on your policy because it just doesn’t cover everything it should. Insurance agents provide advice and guidance, and they do so at no cost to the consumer.

3.  It’s always the right time to consult an agent.

You don’t need to wait until you’re older, you own a home, or you have a spouse or child. Everyone needs insurance and waiting until you reach some arbitrary goal or milestone just means you’re underinsured until then. Without proper insurance, you risk losing everything you have – and everything you’re working towards.

4.  It’s a relationship you’ll come back to again and again.

Life tends to look different over the years. A trusted insurance advisor can help you through the ups and downs by making sure your insurance protection fits your life. As you become more successful, your advisor can help tailor your insurance portfolio. Year after year, they’ll continue to help get the coverage you need for where you are.

5.  Agents can suggest coverages you didn’t even know existed.

There are so many types of insurance coverage, from life, accident, disability, and long term care to home, auto, valuables, and umbrella. Then there are policies for special events such as wedding, vacation travel, and for your college student as they study abroad or move off-campus. You can’t be expected to keep up with all of it, and you probably don’t want to! An insurance advisor can let you know what’s out there and do that legwork for you.

Bonus Reason: They let you do what you do best.

If you had wanted to be an insurance agent, you’d have become one! We hire professionals for a multitude of needs, including for our health, home repair, finances, car maintenance, and more, and we do it because we are not experts in those areas. An insurance advisor is an expert in their field, with in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Some insurance companies spend a large portion of their budget providing independent insurance agents all the information they need to help you make an informed decision. Other insurance companies spend a similarly large amount on advertising directly to the customer, cutting out the advisor. When it’s time for you to decide how much of your budget you’ll spend on insurance, what matters most – valuable advice from an expert or catchy commercials and billboards?

All insurance policies are different. Be sure to review your insurance policy for specific information about coverages available to you. Nothing in this post is meant to suggest a guarantee of coverage.