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Helping clients pass assets on to the next generation is your specialty. Protecting those assets is ours. Together we can support your clients’ long term goals.

General Information

Insurance Risk

No two clients are the same; that’s a given. Different life stages, different assets, different protection needs, all this adds up to the reason there is such a wide variety of insurance carriers out there. Help your client select the right one for them by understanding how carriers differ.

Clients expect the professionals they put their faith in to see the big picture. Understanding estate planning isn’t enough. You also must understand estate protection. Helping your client see what they need even before they know they need it positions you as the expert you are.

Do your clients understand today’s emerging risks? This brochure helps identify areas of risk so you and your clients can be sure you’ve thought of everything.

If your clients hold assets in trusts or LLCs, it’s important to consider the insurance implications.

Some direct insurance writers spend a hefty sum in advertising costs to assure the public their off the rack coverage is sufficient. An independent insurance agent can help determine if that’s true. (Hint: It usually isn’t.)

In order to make sure your client has the proper coverage, you have to understand more about your client than what’s on the surface as well as who else is advising them. The deeper you look, the more holistic your approach can be.

Mini Checklists

For clients who have questions about specific types of insurance, this collection of mini checklists can be the perfect tool. Select only what you need to facilitate a discussion with your client to assess their insurance needs.