Innovative insurance solutions that fit your world.

Insurance is not one-size-fits-all and sometimes your business or life demands more: more control, more education and more options. We can help.

At Hilb Group (formerly New Agency Partners), our insurance advisors have diverse backgrounds and industry specialization so you are served by experts with concentrated practice in your field. We take the time to listen to your specific needs and design an insurance program around those requirements.

Consult With Our Industry Group Experts

Whether you’re in technology, manufacturing, real estate or another specialized industry, you want to do business with someone who understands your business. Our advisors have a broad depth of experience in these fields – leveraging that experience to create innovative, cost-effective risk-management programs for your ever-changing business demands. Our industry group specialties include:

Accounting Firms
Auto Dealerships
Bank/Financial Institutions
Building Supply Companies
Condominium Associations
Construction Companies
Golf Clubs
Health Care Facilities
Hedge Fund Companies
Landscaping Companies
Law Firms
Manufacturers & Distributors
Medical Offices
Real Estate Companies
Retail Stores
Personal Services Firms
Technology Firms
Protect Your Special Interests and Passions

Your life experiences, passions, accomplishments and acquisitions are what made you the person you are today. That’s why your collection of special interest pieces or other unique assets requires an extra realm of insurance protection. At Hilb Group (formerly New Agency Partners), we can’t put a price on your passion, but we can preserve the value of it through specialized insurance coverage. Our specialized expertise caters to:

Antique Home Owners
Collector Car Owners
Fine Collectibles Owners
Jewelry Collectors
Vacation Home Owners
Wine Collectors
Yacht Owners